Broadcast Ultra Slow Motion


The Antelope MkIIs Extreme Slow Motion + Live Camera System offers spectacularextreme slow motion replays and never seen before details in live television and filmproduction.

More than 5000 frames per second in native HD will make the difference!

Based on the revolutionary chip technology of Vision Research’s V642, the Antelope Mk IIs utilizes the most elaborate signal processing and camera controlling technology.

The unique deflickering technology eliminates lighting related flicker in real-time.Feedback from internationally experienced operators, engineers and contentmanagers puts the Antelope MkIIs on top of the available systems regarding integration, operation, image quality and reliability.

MKIIs OLYMPICS Basketball Kopie


Antelope CCU frei

rcp ocp

Sensor CMOS
Maximum Frame Rate

2560fps at 1080p

5350fps at 720p

Resolution 2560x1600
Shutter Global
Signal System

1080i 50/59.94/60

1080p 23.98-50

 720p 50/59.94/60

Bit depth 12 Bit
Sensitivity ISO 1600 ASA
Lens Mount B4 Mount, Pl Mount
Memory 16 / 32 GB
Cinemag 256GB/512GB optional
Controls OCP and RCP
Data RS 232
Video Output


1x HD-SDI ReplayOUT

Power Requirements 24-36V DC
Power Consumption max. 110W
Operating Temperature -10°C - +40°C
Dimensions Camera 470x190x300 mm
Weight Camera 13kg
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